Soluble cleaning tablets, Glass + spraybottle - Pack 6
Description: Soluble cleaning tablets for Glass, incl. spraybottle, pack of 6 tablets
Commercial information: Q-Connect starter pack for Glass cleaning. Includes 6 soluble tablets and 1 500ml spraybottle for easy use. Effectively cleans glass surfaces, leaving no stains or streaks. Perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass tables and can be used with automatic window washers. Formula strengtened with a water softening ingredient, which facilitates the detachment of dirt particles from the cleaned surface.
Reason 1 Q-CONSCIOUS: Recycled Materials
Reason 2 Q-CONSCIOUS: plastic reduction in packaging
Product Lenght: 27.5 cm
Product Width: 9.5 cm
Product Height: 7 cm
Product Weight: 0.14 kg
Color: Assorted colours
Made in: Poland

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