Soluble cleaning tablets, Kitchen + spraybottle - Pack 6
Description: Soluble cleaning tablets for Kitchens, incl. spraybottle, pack of 6 tablets
Commercial information: Q-Connect starter pack for Kitchen cleaning. Includes 6 soluble tablets and 1 500ml spraybottle for easy use. Effectively removes dirt, grease, limescale deposits and eliminates unpleasant odors. Perfect for cleaning countertops, sinks, induction and ceramic hobs. Formula strengtened with a water softening ingredient, which facilitates the detachment of dirt particles from the cleaned surface.
Reason 1 Q-CONSCIOUS: Recycled Materials
Reason 2 Q-CONSCIOUS: plastic reduction in packaging
Product Lenght: 27.5 cm
Product Width: 9.5 cm
Product Height: 7 cm
Product Weight: 0.14 kg
Color: Assorted colours
Made in: Poland

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