5 Spare blades universal and self-retractable cutter
Description: 5 Spare blades for the universtal cutter and self-retractable cutter, blade length 6cm
Commercial information: Universal cutter blade for precision cutting. Blade keeps edge to ensure performance. For precision cutting. For use with Universal & self-Retractable cutting knifes. Supplied in a pack of 5. (for use in Q-Connect KF10633 & KF15432)
Technical Information:
  • lenght of the blade:: 6cm
  • Number of blade ends:: 1 piece: 2 sides
Reason 1 Q-CONSCIOUS: Refillable
Product Lenght: 6.58 cm
Product Width: 2.52 cm
Product Height: 1.15 cm
Product Weight: 0.024 kg
Made in: China

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