Ringbinder, 2x O-Ring 25mm, frosted - Assorted colors
Description: PP Ringbinder 33mm spine, 2x 25mm diameter O-Rings, frosted - Box of 12 Assorted colors (2x Red-Blue-Green-Orange-Purple-Clear)
Commercial information: Q-Connect Coloured Frosted polypropylene ring binder with 33mm spine. Hard wearing, lightweight, wipe clean ring binders with an opaque frosted finish. Features include 2x 25mm O-ring mechanism that open and closes easily and a spine label. Frosted Assorted colors (2x Red/Blue/Green/Orange/Purple/Clear)
Technical Information:
  • Capacity: 230 sheets
  • Thickness of the cover: 600 mic
Reason 1 Q-CONSCIOUS: Recycled Materials
Product Lenght: 26 cm
Product Width: 31 cm
Product Height: 3.4 cm
Product Weight: 0.115 kg
Color: Assorted colours

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