Permanent marker, Bullet tip – 4 Assorted colors
Description: Permanent marker, Bullet tip – 4 Assorted colors (2 Black-1 Blue-1 Red) - Wallet
Commercial information: Q-Connect Permanent Markers. Low odour non-toxic markers with long lasting tips and suitable for use on practically any surface. The permanent ink dries quickly and is completely waterproof. Bullet Tip. Colour - Assorted Wallet of 4 colours.
Technical Information:
  • Ink content: 3.5g
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Writing lenght: ≥200m
  • Writing Width: 2,0 mm / 3,0 mm
Reason 1 Q-CONSCIOUS: Recycled Materials
Color: Assorted colours
Made in: China

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